Harry Potter Merchandise

Be prepared to be amazed! For what, I hear you ask. Well, I won’t be doing magic as I don’t even know how to correctly pronounce ’Leviosa’ but what I do know is making costume guides. This is why we at Fjackets have returned with an all new Harry Potter Merchandise guide to help you be just like the talented wizard. Harry has been a figure of leadership and an excellent role model since his inception in 1997 when the first novel of the book series was released. After that, six more books were released up till 2007.

These novels gained tremendous success as J.K. Rowling was hailed as soКартинки по запросу Harry Potter Merchandisemeone who levitated the quality of fantasy novels. Later on, these books were adapted into movies with the first one being released in 2001 and the last one in 2011; a decade gap as was also the case in the book series. The movie series turned out to be a huge success as well, as millions of book and non-book readers flocked to watch the films. Harry Potter has become a symbol of love, friendship, and most of all, magic.
Like we said earlier, MR. Potter has always been seen as a role model by everyone. Every time he has put his own life in danger for the people he loves. He has a great personality of an individual who is very keen on learning about new things. He not only has the thirst for it but also the talent to overcome any difficulties he faces. Other than that the most important face of his personality is his courage and bravery. He isn’t afraid of facing wizards much experienced than him, or monsters much bigger than him. That is what has made people around the world to be his fans. Another thing is that Harry looks superb no matter whichever movie of the series it is. His dressing is always spot on. And that is what we will be covering here; the guides of all the eight movies released so far. So without further adieu, let’s begin.
The foremost costume that we would be covering is from the very first movie which is known as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in India and the US while it is known as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in the rest of the world. In the major part of the movie, he is seen wearing the outfit which is pictured above. It is the traditional Gryffindor house outfit as well, so if just want a Gryffindor costume then you can use this guide as well.
It is imperative that you get this item way before the other ones for this outfit. This is because the cloak is the only thing of the entire attire that is rather unique as the rest of the things are somewhat normal school items. This cloak comes with a beautiful Gryffindor patch on the chest as it is in the movie. Although it says that it is for adults in the title of the link, but if you order the small size it would fit your kids, aging from eight and above, perfectly. This also comes with the Gryffindor tie, so no need to worry about that as well. But if you are like me and would want a decent quality tie then keep reading as we would also tell you how to do that.

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